Socks & Socks



Socks and Socks first opened its doors in 2011, aiming to make a splash in the domestic world. Established with a small but passionate team, the company quickly began to partner up with leading brands across the country, prioritizing creativity and design for their socks. Steadily gaining momentum, the team consistently strived to reach their highest potential.

In 2020, Interloop Holdings acquired the company, allowing them to expand globally and shift their focus to sustainable development, value-added products and processes. Currently, Socks and Socks operates a full ‘knit to pack’ facility for socks, and is now branching out into accessories as well.

Scrapovative vision with an ability to reborn what is considered to be a waste. We believe, everything can be used in its own distinctive way with a unique and innovative insight. Socks and socks apply this to its business model, its processes and create diversified business opportunities by re using and re purposing the over produced materials that can compete in the market with top rank. Also, the company has hands in e commerce and digitization for the creation, distribution and automation of digital products and services.

Moreover, our people approach sense 9 to navigate the power of transformation, to elevate experiences to engage and inspire communities everywhere. We live in the environment where socks and socks observe beyond six senses and made its people discover their own horizon. To develop B to better insight, we believe that empathy, intuitive design, and technology push us all forward.

With the production capacity of 2.5 million dozen its major

focus is to tap the untapped regions to explore the potential

products and excellent growth margin concerning business