Interloop Dairies


In order to meet dairy related food security challenge of Pakistan, Interloop Dairies Ltd has taken a leadership role in fresh raw milk production. We have established state of the art largest farm in Pakistan to accommodate 10,000 heads of milking cows and young stock. Farm has been designed using advanced engineering techniques and innovative scientific planning to maximize herd comfort, milk production and overall cost-effectiveness of the operations.

One of the major factors behind our farm’s operational success is highly seasoned and trained team which is managing all aspects of operations in a coherent and effective manner. With the combined experience of multiple decades, they are best team to manage large scale dairies. Team performance is result of a culture focusing on interactive and close coordination, with emphasize on inculcating trainings to both existing and newly hired staff.

We are committed to excellence in food safety and quality. To enhance our competitive advantage for a sustainable future, we nurture a culture of quality to apply the highest standards that fulfill statutory, regulatory, and customer requirements to provide safe and superior food that enrich consumer lives every day.

Interloop Dairies Limited is currently producing 150 tons of fresh raw milk on daily basis in a sustainable way which is 100% traceable, safest and of highest quality. Our vision is to further expand our dairy operation at multiple locations to become first farming company in Pakistan to produce more than 300 Tons of fresh raw milk per day.




  • GEA Rapid exit & Herringbone Milking Parlors
  • GEA Milk Filtration and Instant Chilling Systems
  • SUPREME TMR Mixer and Feeders
  • Automatic Hay Choppers
  • Turbo Grain Grinders
  • Wheel Loaders
  • American & Australian Cattle restrain Crushes
  • Free stalls and Head locks
  • Automatic Sand Bedding Fillers
  • Sand & Manure Separators





  • Cow entry to Parlor
  • Animal Cooling
  • Drying of Udders
  • Pre-Milking Teat Sanitation
  • Teat Wiping with Tissues
  • Fore Stripping
  • Cluster attachment and Milking
  • Post milking Teat Sanitation
  • Fresh Raw Milk Filtration
  • Instant Chilling from 39 – 3 degree Celsius
  • Milk Storage in Insulated silos