Socks and socks (Pvt) Limited started its operations in 2011 and for eight years the company solely focused on domestic sales. Interloop Holdings acquired Socks and Socks (Pvt) Limited in 2020 and took it to new heights with considerable business growth. The business model is built on green business concept through recycling and upcycling methodologies combined with performance excellence, technical expertise, value addition, and considerable buy-in from employees.
We are the universal allies of licensees, retailers, and importers, composing, developing, and selling commercially accepted products. In addition to prioritized service delivery, we offer a balanced combination of product and price that fits on the scales of market competitive ratios.
Besides our sustainable sight, our core priority is to deliver real customer benefits combined with effective business results. With the 3D business model including Branding, Exports, and E-commerce Socks and Socks will be the next billion chamber in the near future. We believe in being excellent manufacturers, recognized by our customers and their customers with end-to-end solutions ensuring business growth.