Octans Digital


Octans Digital (Pvt) Ltd is a Digital Services company with a mission to lead our clients to digital
transformation, many steps at a time. With presence in Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad, Octans Digital
(Pvt.) Ltd delivers transformational technology projects for our in-country and overseas clients through
our team of driven and competent professionals.
The company delivers services in the following areas:
– IT Architecture Services working across all layers of technology architecture to transform your
business requirements into technology solutions.
– Software Development provides you with what you need according to your business
– Systems Integration services connecting multiple components to work as one coherent system.
– IT Managed Services to manage you IT assets, it can be your infrastructure or applications so you
can focus on your main business.
– Digitalizing and automate Business Processes to embark our clients on the digital transformation
– As all of clients are unique and so are their business problems. We develop bespoke software for
all complex business issues with Specialized Products Development and Bespoke solutions.


is a software platform designed to provide traceability, tracking and transparency to stakeholders across
the textile supply chain from farm to factory and beyond. Ideally suited for textile manufacturers and
brands, this platform provides the visibility required across the value chain.
Winner PASHA ICT 2022
Gold Award

An engaged and motivated workforce is a pre-requisite to running a successful enterprise. loophr is a
quad-persona mobile app that provides features to support:

– Self-service HR
– Employee engagement
– Environment, health and safety
– Learning and development

Optimized route planning and vehicle assignment is a challenge for sizeable fleets. Truckr provides real
time view of vehicle assignment, trip status, vehicle loading and off-loading times, and views for
locations, customers, vehicles and drivers to facilitate operations management teams for large vehicle

Service Capacity and Future potential:


Technology Governance and Innovation
Service Delivery and Management
Thought Leadership
Digital Transformation