Momentum Logistics


Momentum Logistics (Pvt.) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interloop Holdings (Pvt.) Limited. It
provides the services including all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of
origin to consumption, it designs solutions that turn the logistic operations from a challenge into a
substantial competitive advantage.
Having a customer centric approach, we don’t focus on our competitors rather we have obsession for
our customers and operational excellence is the essence of what we do, be it standard shipments,
consolidated shipments, priority shipments with fixed delivery dates or industry-specific solutions.
Momentum’s global reach and speed to meet your business goals is backed up by multitude of carriers
we work with. Whether you need FCL, LCL or Consolidation Service, complex or straightforward and
whatever your goods are – Momentum will be your dependable partner when it comes to getting your
item safely where it needs to go, anywhere in the world. Our experienced employees and reliable
network at every major port, can assist you with detailed knowledge of local and international export
and import compliances. Local pickup and last mile delivery, in addition to, In-Land logistics support or
warehouse management are the available bolt-ons to opt as per your supply chain needs. Whether you
are shipping air, ocean, or ground, we'll help you reduce the risk of delays or penalties by ensuring
accurate customs and associated border agencies compliances. With Control Tower solutions from
Momentum, companies that value centralized customs responsibilities and standardized processes with
resilient KPI’s have a complete overview of their goods flows.

1. Dry Containerized Transportation
2. Cold Chain/ Reefer Transportation
3. Coal & Bulk Cargo Transportation
4. Secondary Distribution
5. Material Handling Solutions
6. Coordinating break-bulk shipments by land, air, rail and sea
7. Manage transportation, and insurance from Origin
8. Maintain shipment visibility/tracking from departure to delivery

9. Customs release
10. Manage transportation, storage and delivery to final destination

Area of Services
– Air Freight
International network across the globe                             Easy data access and convenient ordering
Consistent scheduling                                                            Tracking and tracing throughout the shipment’s                                                                                                          journey


– Ocean Freight
Competitive pricing                                                                 Weekly sailing flexibility
Space and equipment availability during peak                  Automated reporting and milestone-tracking


– Custom House Brokerage
Interagency Liaison                                                                   Duty Drawbacks
Owned Nationwide Brokerage License                                  24/7 Tracking


Services capacity and Future Potential:

Momentum Logistics has not only adapted to a digital culture but has taken it to such a professional
level, facilitating every node, involved by introducing the best IOT solutions, customized to fill in all the
loopholes currently existing in the market. Momentum Logistics takes the pride in being the pioneer in
providing Integrated IT infrastructure for vigilance, automation security and traceability by integrating
Tracking, Surveillance and ERP.

Inheriting Interloop’s Values- -Momentum Logistics follows in the foot steps towards highest ethical
standards and sustainable business practices. The Group wants to transform the way they conduct
business; from sourcing responsibly to reducing its carbon footprint, from supporting labor rights to
taking care of its communities, while continuously growing its business. They have been recognized by
international organizations including UN Women, UN Global Compact and Fair Trade.

Momentum Logistics is planning to open a new division (Warehousing) and in process of establishing
first state of the art warehouse in FIEDMC. A petrol pump at Khanewal yard is in final stages of NOCs
from government bodies.