IRC Dairy Products

IRC Dairy Products (Pvt.) Ltd, is a joint venture of three specialized companies, who have joined forces
to produce quality dairy products for the Pakistani Consumer Market. The JV partners include Rella Gida,
a Turkish company with world renowned cheese manufacturing expertise
The sustainable manufacturing facility can process more than 6,000 tons of raw milk monthly to produce
quality cheese products.
The setup includes cutting-edge technology and equipment established at Faisalabad Industrial Estate
(FIEDMC). Initially, the focus of the company was to produce world standard Mozzarella Cheese which
later will venture into other dairy products as well through a special focus on procuring quality raw
materials, adopting food safety standards, developing cold supply chain management and optimizing
trainings & continuous Improvement.
Pakistan, the 3 rd largest milk producer in the world requires to invest in the value-added dairy products.
The project provides an opportunity platform for value addition in Dairy sector in Pakistan helping the
national exchequer by providing local products as import substitute for Cheese, Butter, Whey Powder &
other value added dairy products.

1. Products MIX (should be in the form of diagram instead)

Shredded Cheese Block Cheese
Grated Cheese Cheese Strings
Butter Whey Powder

2. Production Capacity & Future Potential

  Raw Milk Consumption:                                                                     6,000,000 liters per month
  Mozzarella, Cheddar (Blocks), String &; Slice Cheese:                 700,000 kg per month
  Dairy Butter:                                                                                           150,000 kg per month

  Whey Powder:                                                                                         320,000 kg per month
  Milk Powder:                                                                                           320,000 kg per month
  Skim Milk Powder                                                                                   320,000 kg per month
  Employment Generated:                                                                       150